Quest Accepted

quest_acceptedThis blog is a catalog of the adventures of Dusty and her journey through self-employment. Here she will post tutorials, work, and things she randomly learns or finds.

Here’s the prelude to the story:

While growing up in a small village, she enjoyed drawing and coloring from an early age, mostly Disney characters and newspaper comics. For a laugh she did a “drawing test” found in the back of a magazine, which was fine and she got a visit to enrol in Art Instructions School. As she grew up and got all rebellious, she’d lock herself up in her bedroom through high-school drawing anime fan-art. Not really having any sense of direction after that, she got a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications. College introduced her to graphic design and other mediums of art, one of those pieces won 1st place/juror’s choice at the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede Visual Arts Show. After that she spent the next five years focused on graphic design, doing business branding and advertising. This brings us to now, where she stands to face the challenge of freelance.

What adventures await this blog’s protagonist? Stay tuned …

Addendum: Not all posts will be in third-person. Unless she wants them to be.

Posted: November 28th, 2013

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